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eCarteBlanche - About Us

eCarteBlanche Inc. was founded in 2009 and is currently co-headquartered in Montreal, Canada and Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, with satellite offices in New York, Paris and Barcelona.  Since its founding, eCarteBlanche has established itself as a high-ranking international specialist when it comes to global prepaid debit/credit card solutions.  Established as a prepaid specific company from the ground up, we help bring efficiency, added value and cost savings to businesses and organizations.

The co-founders and advisers of eCarteBlanche come from the top tier of Canadian and Belgian banking, business and e-commerce sectors. According to the World Economic Forum, Canada has the strongest banking sector in the world, combined with Belgian banking expertise as being one of Europe's longest standing banking traditions, together we bring forth a standard of excellence unparalleled in today´s volatile banking system.

Having experienced first hand the excessive charges and endless bank fees, a team of professionals pooled their expertise and resources to create a new kind of payment system. Together we created eCarteBlanche, a multi-purposed payment system using re-loadable (stored-value) debit/credit cards specifically designed to help merchants, businesses and organizations pay and send money through safe electronic cash at a fraction of the cost of banks. 

Furthermore, we have assembled an extended team with over twelve years experience specializing in global billing and payout solutions. Our team comes from a wide scope of technological fields including digital marketing, mobile banking, payment systems and credit card processing. eCarteBlanche offers a secure, flexible and configurable platform in addition to a wide array of innovative technological solutions that enable companies to save money, streamline payout efficiency and simplify interactivity with clients.


Our mission is to simplify all transactions, transfers, payments, payroll/payouts and above all, save money and resources ensuring bigger savings than banks on rates, charges and fees. This in turn puts businesses, and their recipients, back in control of their finances.

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